Mag Fhloinn = (son of Flann, meaning ruddy, blood or red complexion)

The Website for anyone with the name Mag Fhloinn, McGlynn, McGlyn, McGlinn, McGlin, McGlenn, McGlen, McLynn, McLyn, McLinn, McLin, Maglin, Maglyn and their relatives, around the World.

Most likely came to Ireland at the End of the last ice age, almost 10,000 years ago, from the Basque region on the border of Spain and France. First found in the North West of Ireland (Loughlynn, Roscommon) and affiliated to the Ui Neill and related to Niall of the Nine Hostages, the Clan are later found on the north-west tip of Lough Neagh and gave our name to the Barony, now Townland of Loughinsholin (Loch Inse Ui Fhloinn meaning "lough of O'Lynn's island") and Glynn, Larne, Co. Antrim.

The MagFhloinn (Irish spelling) name is of Irish origin and first appears in written history around 900AD, the second period of Viking raids.  It is probably much older but no written records exist.

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